10 Amazing Windows Shortcuts You Aren’t Using

– This is Household Hacker Quick Tips, simple tricks to help you save time while you go about your daily life. Today, Windows shortcuts. (industrial music) Now, if you're a Mac user, don't worry, we like both, that's why we
got you covered down here. Click the video or check the description and you can see all the neat Mac shortcuts that we put together. Now, we've all found
ourselves in a situation where we're looking at
something on our computer, and it needs to go
immediately because maybe someone's coming down the hallway, or maybe your boss is
walking toward your cubicle, doesn't matter, it needs to go. Here's a simple shortcut
to make that happen, on the quick.

All you gotta do is put your
finger on the Windows key and the D key and press
them at the same time. Boom, you're back at the
desktop where you can act like you were just
doing something else. Sometimes you go on a
web browser tab bender, as I like to call it,
and you open up 50 tabs with a bunch of different
things, but you know something important is in there,
however you got too many open, so you start closing them
out, closing them out, closing them out, closing them out, then once it's cleaned up you realize you closed the tab you needed. Well, with this little
shortcut, all you gotta do is press Control + Shift +
T right in your browser. This works for every
browser that's popular, you know, IE, Firefox, and Chrome.

So, press Control + Shift
+ T, and it's gonna start opening up all of your
previously closed tabs, one by one, till you find
exactly what you need. Now, here's a great way to
clean up window clutter on your desktop and put
two windows side by side for comparison, select
one window on your screen, and hold down the Windows
key, now press the left arrow or right arrow and it'll
still shift over to that side. Do this for the other
window and you'll have a side by side comparison. This will also work if you
want to maximize the window, just press the up arrow, and
if you want to minimize it, press the down arrow.

If you've ever written an
email in an online platform, like Gmail for example, you
might have noticed that when you copy something from another page, and then paste it into your email, it retains all of the formatting,
that could be the font, the color, even the text size. This can often look really strange when you paste it in there
and you're about to send it. Now you want to make
it all look uniform so, here's how you do that. Instead of hitting Control + V to paste, hit Shift + Control +
V, it's going to paste unformatted text directly into your email, and, hell, you can even play it off like you wrote the damn thing yourself. Taking a screenshot in Windows
used to be a big issue. You either had to load Snap
Tool, or hit Print Screen, and paste that into Paint,
and export it out as an image.

No longer, if you want
to quickly screenshot the active window you're in,
just press Alt + Print Screen, it will automatically make a file for you, and show you a preview
of what you just snapped. This can also be done
for your entire screen by holding down the Windows
key and pressing Print Screen. The images will be saved to
your Photos folder by default. Alright, so you're doing some
really research or writing, you don't want anyone to
see it, but you gotta go. You're late for that meeting or your friends are going to lunch, you gotta go out the door right now.

Well, really quick, just hit
the Windows key and press L, that's all you gotta do,
it'll lock your screen, you can get up, you can move on. Now, up until this point,
we've only been talking about keyboard shortcuts, now let's bring the mouse into the mix a little bit. If you need to make a copy of a file, there's no need to do
the copy paste thing, just hold down the Control
key and drag the file over. It'll instantly make a duplicate when you release the mouse
button, pretty nifty. Now, if you do a lot of online trolling, you know the importance of having finely crafted words and proper grammar. Now, sometimes you go back,
you look over your post, and you realize, oh, I messed up here, I could have been more insulting, and you really want to
deliver that ultimate blow.

Now, jamming on that
backspace key to fix words can take quite a while, letter by letter by letter, however, if you hold down the Control key you can delete entire
words in one fell stroke. It's a big time saver,
especially if you just Googled synonyms for your
otherwise benign insult and you want to do some
more word swapping. Did your dear sweet grandma
drop by for the weekend and you want to use the
computer machine with her? This is an awesome and
easy shortcut to quickly get the screen size magnified. Just hold down the Windows key and press the plus key
for an instant zoom. You can go back down by
pressing the minus key. This should work for any app
running from the desktop. Here's how to quickly access
your hard drives anywhere on your system, this
goes back to the whole window clutter thing, sometimes you have like 20 windows open, you just need to get to your E drive or your D drive, and it's nowhere in sight.

So, at any point when
you're using your system, just hold down the
Windows key and press E. This is gonna open up the
My Computer directory, and give you quick access to your drives without changing the other
stuff that you have going on. So those are our 10
favorite Windows shortcuts, now obviously, these are
global, so there gonna work on Windows 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,
12, what are they on now, 16? – [Voiceover] Yeah, I believe so. – OK, that's what I
thought, so, Windows 16, you're good there too, now please, leave your own in the comments,
share with everyone around, and we'll see you next time.

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