4 Surprising Injuries That May Pay You $1,000,000

I’m going to tell you which injuries are usually worth one million dollars, but first I need to explain something. We’re talking about personal jury cases where someone else is at fault. I’m talking about the full value of your case that’s your case value, without considering your fault in causing the accident, for example, let’s say that you crash into the back of someone’s car assume that you’re badly injured And the full value of your case is one million dollars or more. If you’re 100 at fault for causing the accident, you may not even get a penny. This is true, even though the full value of your pain and suffering case is one million dollars. If you’re completely at fault, then no one owes you money for your pain and suffering when we look at which personal injuries are consistently worth, one million dollars or more, we’re, focusing on your pain and suffering compensation. I’m not going to spend much time talking about medical bills or lost wages, even though they can be a huge part of your sub settlement or verdict, and even though your pain and suffering may be worth one million dollars. There are many things that can destroy your chances of getting this payout. For example, if the at fault party, doesn’t have insurance, you may not even get a penny. I know that it’s, not fair, but it’s the truth. So how am I getting this one million dollar pain and suffering value? We look at past recent jury, verdicts and personal injury settlements, insurance companies use past verdicts and settlements for your same injury when deciding how much to pay you for your pain and suffering, let’s look at the first injury that is often worth one million dollars Or more while filming a movie actor Alec, Baldwin, allegedly accidentally, shot and killed Helena Alex settled with Helena’s family for a confidential amount. However, if I had to make an educated guess, I’d say that the settlement was for way over one million dollars. This is because, if your family member is killed in an accident, you’re pain and suffering is often worth 1 million dollars or more let’s look at another injury. That is usually worth at least one million dollars a Walmart truck crashed into a limousine bus that comedian Tracy Morgan was in the accident, put Tracy into a two week: coma Tracy’s. Personal injury settlement is confidential. My educated guess is that the trucking company or its insurance companies paid way over one million dollars for Tracy’s, pain and suffering. This is because he was in a two week coma due to a serious brain injury, juries often award over 1 million dollars. If you’re in a coma from an accident, what, if you have a less serious brain injury in that instance, the insurance company for the at fall party will be looking to see whether you complained of one or more of the following memory: loss, dizziness, balance Issues difficulty, spelling Wards or other problems. Those are all symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. Traumatic, just means that the accident caused your injury. Moderate brain injuries may still be worth one million dollars. It all depends on how much the brain injury is affecting your everyday activities and will affect your life in the future. Let’s look at another injury that is often worth one million dollars in the McDonald’s Hot Coffee case Stella accidentally spilled a 180 degree coffee on her lap. She had third degree burns over 16 percent of her body. A jury awarded her 200 000 for her pain, suffering and medical costs. They also awarded 2 7 million dollars in punitive damages which are designed to punish the wrongdoer, but don’t get too excited. In most cases, you cannot get punitive damages. Horrific burn. Injuries may have a pain and suffering value that is over one million dollars. This is more likely to happen if the burns are on your face, but most burn injuries are worth way under 1 million dollars. Your case value increases if more of your body is burned. If you lose an eye due to an accident, the full value of pain and suffering is usually one million dollars or more. But what about injuries that seem less serious? Can they also will be worth one million dollars or more, for example, can a broken leg arm or other fractured bone be worth one million dollars or more to explain? Let’s look at Maria’s accident where she slipped and fell at a hotel in Florida. As a result of the Fall, she broke her leg right under her kneecap, the surgeon cut, her leg, open and drilled a plate and screws in through her leg. He also repaired her meniscus, which she tore in the accident. Her surgeon said that the accident caused her post traumatic arthritis. He also said that she’d need a knee replacement. I, along with another Law, Firm settle Maria’s case for 1, 2 million dollars. This was after a loss it was filed. We were able to get this settlement because she fractured a major weight bearing bone to have a chance at a one million dollar settlement for a broken bone. You’ll likely need all of the following. First, you’ll need to fracture either the femur or hip the tibial Plateau or break two or three bones in your ankle. Those are usually the four most serious fracture of your leg, but having one of those injuries is not automatically worth one million dollars. If you have a serious fracture in surgery, you’ll also likely need your x rays to show post traumatic arthritis. Your surgeon will also need to say that you’ll need a bone replacement in the future. In Maria’s, 1 2 million dollar settlement. Her surgeon said that she’d need a knee replacement. You or your lawyer may also need to hire a Life Care planner a Life Care planner is a professional who estimates the cost of your future medical treatment and related care. Future medical bills can add up real fast. This can make the insurance company nervous and when insurance adjusters get nervous, they tend to pay more money. Let’s look at another case that helps explain personal injury settlement values, Madeleine tripped and fell on either an uncovered valve or its cap. In the grass she broke three bones in her ankle and had two surgeries. She was scared that she would not be able to work as a nurse she spent at least four years studying to become a nurse. The Ensure insurance companies fought us hard. The landscapers insurance company initially denied liability and refused to make an offer. We ultimately settled for 670 thousand dollars with the Hartford who insured both the landscaper and the landowner. I estimate that they paid over five hundred and forty thousand dollars for Madeline’s, pain and suffering since Madeline was doing well after she finished her medical treatment. It limited the pain and suffering payout, although I still think it was phenomenal. Also Madeleine’s. Surgeon said that she did not need an ankle replacement. This limited her claim for future pain and suffering. Lawyers recently got a woman, a 14 million dollar verdict for a common injury to see how they did it. Watch this video here or click on the link in the description below

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