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Translator: Imene Mellal Validator: Anwar Dafa-Alla The code is the new world expression. In the 1970 s it was punk rock music that moved an entire generation. In the 1980 s, coin might have been the engine. For my contemporary, Software is the window of our generation to the world, This means that we need And radically into most diverse beings Let’s body-build products like this. People who don’t see computers as lonely, standing, or supernatural machines, People who realize them as something they can improve And he turns it and changes and so on. My journey into the world of programming and technology began At the age of fourteen. I used to admire an old person, And such person or persons just happened The next vice president of the United Position of America will be Mr.Al Gore. And I did what any other teenage girl would do, I wanted to express all this admiration, So I built him a website, and here it is. In 2001 there was no site( Tumblr ), It wasn’t Facebook or Pinterest, So I needed to learn programming To express such great admiration, And so the programming started with me, As a method of self-expression As I did when I was younger, I used to use coloring and constructing playthings. When I grew up after that I used to use guitar assignments and theater. But then interesting thing appeared to excite me Like hair and joining socks, And the conjugation of irregular French verbs, And cause hypothetical world-wides And Bertrand Russell and his doctrine, Then I started to belong to these beings Who felt computers were accepting, technological, and lonely This is something that I think today. Little girlfriends do not know it They are not supposed to like computers Little girls are amazing. They are really good at focusing on things They’re subtle, and they question cool questions like, “What? ” And “why? ” And “How? ” And “what if? ” And they don’t know it’s not supposed to be Liking computers. Mothers do this. We are the parents who feel As if computer science is a mysterious and strange technical land Belongs exclusively to the strange makes. And it is far from everyday life Like nuclear physics And they are partly right about this. There are a lot of grammar, restraints, and data organizes Logarithms and practices, Protocols and paradigms in program As national societies, we formed computers smaller and smaller We constructed several strata of abstraction on top of each other Between “mens and” machine So much so that we no longer know how computers drive Or how we talk to her. We educate our children how the human body toils. We teach them how the combustion instrument designs We likewise tell them that if you want to become an astronaut You can But when a child comes to us and invites, “So, what is the logarithm of sorting pellets? ” Or “How does the computer know what is happening when I click’ comedy ‘, ” How does he know which video to play? ” Or, “Linda, is the Internet a neighbourhood? ” We adults are strangely speechless. It’s sorcery, some of us say. “It’s too complicated, ” some say. Well, neither of this nor that. It is not occult and it is not complicated. It all happened really too quickly Computer scientists uttered these amazing and beautiful machines But they drew her really strange to us, Even the language in which we speak computers So we no longer know how to talk to computers again Without complicated user interfaces This is why no one knew That when I was conjugating erratic French verbs I was actually rehearsal my pattern recognition abilities And when I was enthusiastic about fastening In fact, I was following a series of figurative masteries Which included the rings inside it. And that Bertrand Russell’s life wander To search for an accurate language between English and Mathematics I met her protect inside personal computers. I was a programmer but nobody known about it. Babies today are slapping, slamming, and pinching their method various regions of the world. But unless we give them the construction tools with computers, We are promoting shoppers instead of creative beings. This whole journey contributed me to this little girl. Her name is Ruby, she is six years old. She is very brave, imaginative and a little bossy. And whenever I got into trouble While trying to teach myself programme like “What is object familiarized blueprint, or what is garbage collection? ” I was thinking how a six-year-old would explain this problem. Then she wrote a record about it and threw pumps in it And the things Ruby schooled me was this way. Ruby taught me “that youre not” supposed to be afraid From glitches under your bunked And even the biggest problems It is a bunch of little problems stuck between them Ruby also introduced me to her friends, The colorful place of internet culture. “Shes had” friends like Snow Leopard, The beautiful one who does not want to play with other children And “shes had” friends like dark-green robots who are very cute but tremendously messy. And “shes had” friends like Linux Penguin Violent action, but quite elusive And the perfect foxes, and so forth. In Rubys world, you learn technology through play-act. For speciman, computers are very good at reproducing things. And this is how Ruby was able to teach the rings. This is Ruby’s favorite dance move, like this, “Clap, clap, dance, dance.” Clap, snap and jump-start. ” You learn bar loops by recurring this four times. And you learn while curves by reciting the line While I stand on one leg. You learn “to that” loops-the-loops by repeating that chain Until my mummy travels crazy.( Laughter) And more than that, she learns that there are no ready-made answers. When I was thinking about school curricula for Ruby, I really needed to ask the children how they discover the world And what kind of questions do the government has? I plan tournaments to try out video games. I could indicate “their childrens” these four envisions To show them a picture of a automobile, Wholesale store, pup, lavatory Then I request, “Which one do you think is a computer? ” And the children will say very conservatively, “There is no computer image between them. I know what a computer is: It’s that incandescent carton That mom and dad deplete a good deal of time in front of it. ” But then “were talking” And we might discover that, in fact, the car is a computer, It has a moving organisation in it. As for the dog – the dog may not be a computer. But it has a collar The collar may contain a computer inside it And wholesale storages contain different types of computers. Such as safe plan, burglar alarm. And children, do you know what? In Japan, bathrooms are computers There existed hackers who hack it.( Laughter) Then we go further And I give them these little stickers with on/ off buttons Then I say to the children, Today you have this trickery power Converting anything in this room to personal computers. ” And again, “their childrens” say, “It resounds really hard, I don’t know the correct answer to this.” But I tell them, “Don’t worry, Even your mothers don’t know the correct answer. They have only recently started to hear about this thing It’s called the “Internet of Things.” But you kids, are likely to be those who They will live in a world where everything is a computer.” And then this little girl came to me And I made a bicycle lamp And she said, “This lamp, if it were a computer, He would have changed his dyes. ” Then I said, “It’s a really nice hypothesi, what else could he do? ” And I remembered, and then I remembered, And she said, “If this lamp were a computer, I was going on a motorcycle trip with my papa We would sleep in a tent And this lamp will be able to Be a movie projector.” And this is the moment I am looking for, When the child understands That the world is not ready yet, And it’s a really great method to get the world ready By building technology And that each of us can be part of this change. Final story, we also made a computer. And we are introduced to a bossy CPU, auxiliary Ram, and ROM That cures her remember things. And after we placed the computer portions together, We designed an app for him. And my favorite legend is this little boy, He is six years old His favorite in the world is becoming an astronaut. And the child applies on these beings headphones He is entirely immersed in his insignificant, paper-based computer Because, as you can see, he was impelled Its app for straying between galaxies and planets. And his father, a lonely astronaut in the trajectory of Mars, He is on the other side of the apartment And the child’s primary exercise Is to produce his father safely back to Earth. And these children are going to have a very different way of receiving the world countries And the mode we constructed it through engineering Lastly, the more we stir the world of technology closer, and most comprehensive, And the most diverse, the better and more colorful the world countries appears. So, imagine with me, for a few moments, A world-wide where the narrations we tell About how things are made not just include Silicon Valley children who are in their twenties, But also Kenyan school girlfriends, and Norwegian librarians. Imagine a world-wide where girls like Ida Lovelace are tomorrow, Who live in a permanent actuality of zeros and parts, Grow up to be more optimistic and daring about engineering. They hug vitalities and opportunities And the limits of the world. A world-wide of luminous, weirdo engineering It’s kind of strange. when I was a kid, I wanted to be a storyteller, I cherished fairy world-wides The best I have ever done is I wake up each morning in Moomin Valley. At midday, I stray around the Tatween. In the evening I go to sleep in “Narnia”. Then programming became my standard errand. I still procreate world-wides. Instead of storeys, I utter them with system. Programming has given me this amazing ability to Build my own little universe With its own patterns, paradigms and practises. Create something out of nothing, with the pure supremacy of logic. expressed appreciation for.( clap ).

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