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This is Kuldeepak Reddy, who used to work in Infosys Hyderabad So on 24th September 2017, he was going somewhere for his work But on the way, he met with an accident This accident was so dangerous that he got severe injuries in his brain After which he was admitted in Aditya Hospital Kuldeepak's condition was very severe and there was no improvement in his health Because of this, his family decided to shift Kuldeepak to Yashoda Hospital After shifting there, Kuldeepak's condition slowly improved But because it was a brain related injury, it takes a lot of time to recover When his position became stable, the hospital suggested him to join a rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad But the problem was that the treatment there was very expensive Kuldeepak used to come from a middle class family And he never thought that he would have an accident But when this happened, his family claimed the health insurance that Kuldeepak used to get through that company which was 4 lakhs But in his initial treatment, he had to spend 5,33,992 rupees whose bill you can see on the screen And in just two months, his family had spent 18 lakhs which was his entire life savings and with this, he had borrowed some money from his relatives But when there is an accident or a big disease, it is very difficult to imagine how much money will be spent So when after spending 18 lakhs, all his family's money ran out So he had no choice but to apply for a fundraiser in Milav Fundraiser So just because of one accident, his entire family's savings ran out He got a loan and his financial condition got so bad that he had to apply for a fundraiser But with just a right health insurance, he could have avoided all this And with this, you would have also understood that the health insurance you get from the company is not sufficient So if you love your family and don't want you or your family to get stuck in such a problem then you should get a good health insurance as soon as possible But many companies are providing health insurance So how will you know which health insurance is best? So in today's video, I will tell you what exactly you have to see when selecting health insurance From where you have to buy health insurance And if you ever need to claim, how can you claim that? So first of all, let's know that if you want to buy health insurance, what all factors do you have to look for? That is, what are the factors that you should look for before buying any health insurance so that you don't get cheated So to compare different types of insurance and to see all these factors Here I am using Policy Bazaar Let me clear that we have a material connection with Policy Bazaar But I genuinely feel that it is better to buy health insurance from Policy Bazaar That's why I am telling you this So in the description of this video, I have given you the link of health insurance So as soon as you click on it, you will reach this page After coming here, you can see that if you buy online health insurance, you get a discount of up to 25% Because there is a lot of commission left by the brokers in the middle So that's why you get a discount here So first of all, which ever insurance that you want to buy, you have to select Like if you want to buy health insurance for yourself, then you have to select it yourself If you want to buy health insurance for your wife, then you can also select them If you want to buy insurance for your son, daughter, father, mother whatever health insurance you want to buy And as much as people you want to buy, you can include all of them here So for now, I want to buy only my own health insurance So I have selected it here now after selecting self, click on continue now when you click on continue, it will ask your age so my age is 27 years so I have selected 27 years now click on continue again now here you have to put your pin code so I live in Dehradun, so I will put my pin code here now it is asking my name, so I have put my name here and here it is asking my mobile number so I have put my mobile number here now click on continue now when you click on continue, there is a very important factor because here it is asking if you have any pre-existing illness if you have diabetes, BP if you have any surgery, if you have any thyroid now what people do here is they hide these things, because they think if I tell them that I have BP or diabetes then my premium will increase and if your premium is increasing by 10, 20, 50 rupees per month to save that, people take risk and they don't give the right information and because you have not given the right information so in future, there will be many chances of your insurance claim being rejected so to save only 40 or 50 rupees per month don't give wrong information here so for now I don't have any problem, so I will select none of these now as soon as I select this now all the insurance of different companies are coming in front of me so you can see that you can buy insurance of all these companies from policy bazaar now here the most important and biggest question is that if I take health insurance then how much should I take, should I take 2 lakhs, 5 lakhs 10 lakhs, 50 lakhs or 1 crore means according to me, what should be the ideal cover so according to me, your annual income you should take health insurance of at least 2 times that so for example, if your annual income is 12 lakhs then you should take health insurance of at least 24 lakhs but here I want to make it clear that if your annual income is very less and you are struggling to survive then also you should take health insurance of at least 5 lakhs because if you take less than that, then there is no benefit keep in mind that I am saying 5 lakhs for those who are struggling to survive and whose salary is not much if you earn properly, then take health insurance of at least 10 lakhs now see here I am getting health insurance of 5 lakhs and 1 crore so according to me, I apply some filters and according to that we see health insurance and by applying these filters, you can also select some best health insurance for yourself so the first filter we are getting here is of cover so how much health insurance do you want to take you can select from here, like according to me you should take health insurance of at least 25 lakhs so I have selected 25 lakhs now after this, the next filter we are getting here is of room rent type so there are some room rent type where you take health insurance of 20 lakhs but there your room rent limit is of 5000 rupees so even though your insurance is of 20 lakhs but you cannot shift from 5000 rupees to upper room and if you do, then you will have to pay so ideally, you should take such health insurance where there is no room rent limit so I will select this now here we are getting the next filter of policy benefit that is, what cover should be there in your health insurance you can select from here so at the top, you can see pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization cover so suppose someone gets cancer so when his treatment will start so only when he will be admitted in the hospital, his expenses will be there no, his expenses will be more than that so you should take such insurance in which the expenses of pre-hospitalization are also covered so here we select pre-hospitalization now suppose someone has to undergo an operation and that operation is done so as soon as the operation is done, his expenses will be over no, even after that he will have some expenses after that he may have to go to the hospital again and again so these post-hospitalization expenses these should also be in your health insurance so we tick this too now you should know that all health insurance they work only when you are admitted in the hospital so in this case, suppose you are getting a surgery in which your surgery is done in 2 hours suppose you are getting a cataract surgery this should also be covered in your health insurance so you should also get day care treatments so we have ticked this too so you can include these 3 policy benefits in any case you can also include other benefits now the next filter asks you how much premium you can pay every month don't set any preference here you have to set your preference when the plans come in front of you now after this, there is a policy period option so you can select whatever you feel is right now after this, you have the option to select some particular companies whose health insurance you want to take so see here I am not selecting any option but I will tell you which companies you trust which companies you know that the name has been going on for a long time and which companies are not going anywhere for the next 20-30 years you select those companies here because if it is a new company it may be giving you insurance at a very low price but its credibility is also very important so you can select according to your credibility so after selecting all these filters, you will click on apply filter after that you will see a lot of plans here so all the filters we selected have been applied in this insurance so you can select whatever you feel is right so this is the active one plan of Aditya Bindla I am getting this plan for Rs 828 per month which is around Rs 8000-9000 per year then I will select this.

Now as soon as you select it, it is not that you have to buy it. Here also you have to see some things and what are those things let's understand that too. So here the first thing you have to see is copay which you can see here. Many times health insurance is such that health insurance is of 10 lakhs but the copay in this is of 20%. So in this case, suppose you get a bill of 5 lakhs in the hospital so now your health insurance was of 10 lakhs and the company should have paid 5 lakhs but here 20% copay is on your side so the company will only pay 4 lakhs and you will have to pay 1 lakh.

So always check that whatever health insurance you are buying there should not be any copay in it. So here you can see full claim paid by insurer means there is no copay here. There is 0% copay so you have to take such health insurance Next thing you have to see is claims paid within 3 months. So here you can see that this insurer has passed 99.4% claims in the last 3 months. Means if you have not made any mistake then your claim will also be easily passed. Just don't hide anything from your side and tell the truth here.

Next thing you have to check is cashless hospital. Here you will see the names of all the hospitals which are in your city. Because you have already selected the city. And according to you you can see which hospitals you can get cashless treatment. So here 41 hospitals of my city are covered. Check which hospitals of your city are covered. And all the big hospitals where you prefer to get treatment their names should be here.

Now if you want to know more about that insurance policy then here you will get its brochure in which you will get to see a lot of information related to it. So you have to click on download and after that you can read its brochure. Apart from this, if you still have any question in your mind then here I have answered a lot of your questions. You can also check these questions. And if you feel that when you have learned so many things according to you that health insurance is fine according to you then you can click on buy. And here you will get to see some riders which you can include in your health insurance plan. Now here is a very important thing which you will not get to know easily. But the most important thing for you to know is what is not covered in the health insurance you are taking.

Because there is no health insurance which covers everything. So for this there is an option of policy wordings. You have to download this document. After downloading this document, this document is very big and it is very difficult to read this whole document. So what you have to do is click on control F and search for Exclusions. As soon as you search for Exclusions then here you will get to see all those diseases which are not included in your health insurance. Like here you are getting to see a lot of Exclusions so you have to check them.

Now after this if you want to take health insurance then click on Proceed to Buy. Now see because the health insurance which I was explaining to you for example it does not cover 20 critical illnesses. And what are those illnesses? Those are cancer related illnesses. So if you want to cover them too then you have to click on Add. And if you don't want to cover them then you can click on Skip and Continue. So for now I will click on Add and after this I will click on Proceed to Proposal.

Now here you will get to see a lot of personal details. So let me fill those details. And after filling all these details you have to click on Proceed to Medical Questions. Now here you will be asked some medical questions. If you have ever diagnosed any of these diseases then you click on Yes If you have ever diagnosed any of these diseases then you click on Yes If you have ever diagnosed any of these diseases then you click on Yes And similarly here you will be asked some other questions. So I will answer them too. After clicking all these questions you have to click on Continue to Nominee. Now once you click on this, you have to fill details of your nominee.

Which means you have to fill details of that person. If you have any problem then he will help you in claiming this insurance. so here you can put any details of your spouse, parents or kids on which you trust. After filling all these details, you have to click on review and pay and as soon as you click on it, you will get the option to pay and in this way you can pay and buy your health insurance. So you have understood how to buy health insurance but here it is necessary to know some important points for you after that I will tell you that if you ever need to claim your health insurance, then how can you do that? So watch this carefully and tell this to your family members as well. So the first point is that whenever you are buying health insurance, always buy it online because you will generally find it expensive offline. If you want, you can compare and see. Secondly, if you are young, then start your health insurance as soon as possible because the sooner you start your health insurance, the sooner you will have to pay the premium.

Next, if you buy health insurance, then you will get tax benefit as well. So claim that as well. And the fourth point is that if you work somewhere and you have got health insurance from the company, then generally the amount of health insurance is 3-4 lakhs. So that amount is not sufficient. As we gave you the example of Kuldeepak Reddy, he also had health insurance but because it was a nominal amount of health insurance and his family had spent 18-20 lakhs. So even if you have got health insurance from the company, still get your personal insurance. So now let's understand how you will claim your health insurance. So there will be two ways to claim health insurance. The first way is because you have taken health insurance through Policy Bazaar. So you can also claim through Policy Bazaar. And even Policy Bazaar provides 30-minute guaranteed claim assistance. So the first way is that in case you have to claim, then you have to call on the toll-free number of Policy Bazaar.

And as soon as you call, you will explain your problem to them. So there are Policy Bazaar specialists in every city. They will reach the location within 30 minutes. Or they will help you claim on the call itself. So this will be the first way. The second way is that whichever company you have taken health insurance from, you have to take insurance from the company's cashless hospitals.

As I have shown you, there are many cashless hospitals. And I have told you that in your city, whichever has more cashless hospitals, you have to take the same health insurance. So to claim, if you have to claim in an emergency, like there is a case related to an accident, so as soon as this incident happens there, you inform the insurance company within 24 hours. And if you have a planned hospitalization, as you know that after 5 days you have a date of operation, and that day you are admitted in the hospital, then you can inform your insurance company 48 hours before you are admitted. Apart from this, if there is an emergency, then in all the cashless hospitals of the company, there is an insurance desk in all those hospitals. You can directly go there and help in claiming your policy. There you just have to give your policy number. And with this, you can give your ID card. After that, the hospital itself will send a request to the insurer and will help you in getting your claim. So now you have understood how to take health insurance, what all things to keep in mind and how to claim with it.

So I have given you the link of the policy market in the description. There you will also get a discount. You can compare yourself and select a policy for yourself. So do check the description. Apart from this, not only health insurance is important, term life insurance is also very important. We have also made a very detailed video on it. Do watch that video too. You can see that video here. Apart from this, you will also get the link in the description. Thank you!.

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