Wazzup Guys Welcome back to my path Let’s talk about what is the best combo item for magical? Not Time your always is dependent on intimated components on ML. It’s also good that you know how does it works too? If your new to this channel don’t forget to subscribe and punched the notification buzzer so that your always updated everytime, i upload brand-new videos. Okay, Let’s Go Sometimes other playes only buy the items and pick the best build of ither top participates on a specific hero that they use and they dont know what is it and how does it work on the heroes foe That why i will clarify You here in this video, If “youre watching” my last-place video about true DMG, i will explain it again. Merely a little. Calamity Reaper is always on Pro improves of core heroes. This is good for magic type, heroes with occult dmg on their basic atk. Merely like Karina Esme gusion, its consideration of the sub-item has 70 Magic Power, 100 Mana 6Mana, Regen, 10 Cd Reduction, And it has a passive that every time you used a science, you will gain Extra True DMG on you basic atk and it has 3sec CD. Even you regenerate shield and science, your basic atk will additional lily-white Dmg is the True DMG, and this is base on the superstars. 120 Magic Power. The best combo piece here is Thunder belt Because it will too give you TRUE DMG after you, skill on antagonist, just like Calamity Reaper. The Difference is. This item is based on MAX HP of your HERO That why I Advocate the item you improved next is Bloodwings because it has 150 Magic and 500 HP so that you will gain more moronic. Dmg because remember, Calamity Reaper is locate on Magic power and bellow belt. Is base on HP of your hero? This is best Combo. When you will notice, the antagonist is, has Magic, Def components like Cursed, helmet athena shield and oracle Option 2 Combo for Calamity Reaper to gain more impair on your basic atk is by using feather of sky. This has 65 Magic Power, 30 Atk Speed, 5 Movement Spd and YUur basic atk will gain additional occult DMG on your heroes. Total 40 Magic Power Taken due note if you have HIgh Magic power, the more Dmg on you basic atk. Orayts Next item is the 3 Sprigs Glowing Wand Ice Queen Wand and Genius wand Glowing wand. This will give you 75 Magic Power. 400 Hp. 5 Movement spd. This has Burn Effect that is dependent on 1 HP of your Enemy. Everytime? U hit with skill, and But when you hit them twice or more, the effect will be 2 HP of the adversary and the higher HP, the more DMG it is. Does it seems Familiar on a Physical item For us to maximize the bright twig. We can combo it with Ice Queen Wand because it has 75 Magic Power, 10 Magic, Lifesteal, 150, Mana and 7 Movement spd and passive, that that hinders the opponent and when you smack them with 1 knowledge, will 15 Slow on them and you made them twice or Continues, the sluggish will be 30 on the Enemy that why you need to reached them many time and when the eenmy flees it will only last for 3Sec Best superstar to use. This combo entry is Valir and nana Since they are always spam 1st ability on the enemy. This is also good for heroes with long duration, talent like Change, Odette and silvana it long and can make numerou foe Or knowledge area protagonists like Gord and Lou Yi. So when the enemy ambles on the skill will deal slow and burn Dmg. The thrid item is genius sprig, because this has additional dmg on antagonist and shortened the spell def by 3 10 Details of the foe when they have magic, Def pieces Dont’forget to Subscribe like and commentary about this video Next combo item is clock of destiny is Best paired with Lightning Truncheon, but Why Clock of Destiny has 615 HP, 60 Magic Power, 600 Mana many of player is disorient. How does the passive works on their hero? We will exactly have a little MATH aahha. You can stack its consideration of the sub-item up to 10 days and you will gain 30 HP and 5 Magic power per 30 Secs. 30 Hp multiply by 10. Loads is equals to 300 HP 5 Magic Power Multiply by 10. Stacks is equals to 50 Magic Power. So when you total it on initial attributes of the item 615 HP plus 300 HP on 10 Stacks, you will have 900 HP 60 Magic Power PLus 50 Magic Power is total 110 Magic, Pwr, Ops, opss, wait guys Take note. This has a passive when you max the stacks, you will gain mo 5 Magic power and 300 Mana, so you total mana will be 900 OraytS on 1 Minute. We have 30 Seconds and for 2 30 sec is 1 minutes, necessitate 5mins when you are buy its consideration of the sub-item. You can stack it 10 occasions. Did i represent you dizzy ahahha. I Hint that to prioritize buying this on early tournament, Not just picking what’s is suggested to buy the best combo entry here is Lightning Truncheon. It has 75 Magic power, 300 Mana, 10. Cd Reduction Passive on every 6sec, your skill will have additional dmg up to 3 opponents. Your Skill dmg will return on nearby adversary or Creeps and taken due note. If you have high-pitched mana, you will deal more DMG To gain more Damage and Mana. You can build Ice Queen Wand for More Dmg and it has 150 Mana. If you have assasin on your alley foe, you can build Dominance Ice. It has 500 Mana Use, Twilight Armor if you have enemy with High DMg, like Brody, Hilda and aldous. This Item Combo, is good for aurora, eudora, gord, lunox and Vexana. Concentrated Energy is always top priority item of other musicians, but do they know how it operates? Concentrated Energy has 70 Magic Power, 700 HP, 25, Magic, LifeSteal, Meaning Every time you stumbled enemy with Skill and spell Atk, you will gain HP and when you kill an adversary, you will gain more total 10 HP of your hero. Each protagonist, you killed. You can compound this with Oracle because it will give you additional Regen Effect. If you don’t like this combo you, because you will not have Damage on enemies, you can use star shard and NEcklace of Durance to produced, like Concentrated energy of 25 Lifesteal. The best thing on NOD is that it can reduced 50 Lifesteal of the enemies, too good, for Support Mage during game. I Already explain this on my last-place tutorial on how lifesteal productions. I hope you watch this also. We will have another giveaways when we reach 1000 likes on this. Video winnner will be the best comment. Okay And I will announce it on the Community TAB of Youtube and FB page post and every fri. We will have raffle on Facebook page. Thank you for watching. I hope you learned something:.

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