Bill Gates and Warren Buffett pick up a shift at Dairy Queen

Now we are Hello, Ready to go Ready to work. We’ve got the wrong refer. Tags on This is just a test of our competence. If you think this is bad, wait until we really get into action, Yeah simply fill it up to the Whoa whoa. Well, keep it starting. You got to get two clods on there. Well, I’ll see if I can do better. Oh, my god See I’m very generous. Look it. They’re going to guild from you for now on , not from me Who had the bad luck to draw me. If you want anything later on it ,’ s on me, The cone is okay. You guys want to learn how to help customers. You bet I would love a vanilla cone. A vanilla cone Is that all you want today That’ll do it That’ll be Let’s upsell her You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just make some time So that saloon cause us a little bit slower. I’m a gradual customer. Have you been to Dairy Queen before You require a plunge or not dip? Can I have a triple chocolate brownie? That is really one of our very best pieces. In point, if you don’t eat it, we will All right what else I’m going to keep it simple and proceed banana split. Please, Okay, that’s A doubled banana divide. Yes, sir, You’re a real mortal All freedom. What would you like? I want an Oreo Blizzard Small, Oh that’s, one of our most popular. What else is impossible to do? I miss a medium Reese’s Blizzard That’s very popular. Is it Perfectly I like that peanut butter, Extra peanut butter for him, Okay, so the three most important things about practise person new Number one is definitely patience. I’ll place the hand out for the money and Bill can do this high tech stuff. You still got to ask her what she misses for her plunge sauce. Oh you dip chicken more Wow. You guys immerse a great deal of stuff around here. Number two Make sure you smile, so they smile. You know kind of pass the smiles along. We got it. Smile Three Have a good time and consider a customer like they’re somebody that’s in your own home Whoa. You get two free ones for that. Oh wow. I like that. Thank you Much better. The method I did it, I might contribute, you did better than we did. How long ago did you buy Dairy Queen and what was it that formed it ogle good. I’ve known Dairy Queen all “peoples lives”, Dairy Queen, actually started in the 1930 s and Wow Couple people worked up soft ice cream and when they were contemplating selling, he actually thought of Berkshire Who better than some person that passions the concoction. And we made a deal and we lived happily ever after. So how did Bill and Warren do today Could have do better. Bill was good on the menu board. Warren was good at go recognition, But all around they did all right. I’d hire them. Hi. Therefore welcomed Dairy Queen Can I take your require. I’ll have a small Oreo Blizzard That’ll be 3 23. Can you pull forward to the next window? Okay, Oh wow, That is for you Good job on this one Love to have you here. Thank you See you.

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