GoPro Tip #09 Best way to upload to youtube (use Handbrake)

what's up it's been Jim Phil here today I'm gonna give you a really good piece of advice how you're gonna upload your videos to YouTube and get the best quality possible– also saves a lot of time see normally you may have a like minute file and maybe in 4k and it will be like I don't know a couple of gigs at least and you have to upload all of that information over to YouTube takes a real a long time it's bad to compress it before you to compresses it saves time cause you have a little more control and I use something called handbrake it's a free video file converting program and you can see the address below where you can download it for free don't worry stuffing illegal it's absolutely free and I'm gonna show you some of the settings on my computer you can basically convert your files and upload it to YouTube and the most effective way possible and get the best quality ever so here we go so here we go so I've started this program called handbrake as you can see and what we're gonna do now is we're gonna pick the file that's gonna be edited and I'm gonna go with the GoPro introduction which I'm sure you already seen and here is the file and first thing I do is I click on this option it's for a very fast conversion system the x264 is pretty awesome I really like it and then I hit advanced and I click on for reference reference frames the audio I set to 128 because that's pretty much all you need and then the last thing I do is I hit web optimized and I click start now this may take a minute or two but the point of it is that yeah exactly it turns out that it's exactly two minutes so this goes a lot faster the file is about 3.5 gigs I'm just gonna check it out it's actually the file that I'm editing right now is actually 3.5 gigs now imagine uploading 3.5 gigs to YouTube it would take a while and also not just to upload it but then to process it because YouTube converts the files as well so this goes a lot faster I'm going to speed up this boom and it's done now let's see how well it went 121 megabytes which is pretty freakin amazing compared to the original file file which is 3.5 gigs so we related a good job and quality might ask what's the difference in quality well as you're probably gonna find out just gonna put these side-by-side the quality is actually pretty much the same sometimes you get a little bit of conversion but I'm telling you I couldn't tell the difference on these bad boys okay and there you have it we've successfully converted a really big file and made it much smaller so it will make it a lot quicker to upload to YouTube I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial hope it helps you somehow have any questions feel free to comment down here somewhere here oh yeah you got the like button there so that's if you clicked up your feeling

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