Is Your Computer Crashing? Find Out Why in 5 min.

Hey guys it’s Matt, I’m going to go ahead and picture you how to figure out why your computer blue screen door gate-crashed or continues really to keep restarting. I’m utilize a Windows, 10 PC now, a few things we want to check out. First, we’re going to go ahead and well. First, I’ve got some icons on my desktop and you should probably have those extremely. They’re just kind of handy anyway, so let’s go to themes, person right, clink, personalize and then go to themes, desktop icon arranges and just turn those on they’re kind of handy to have anyway. So I’m going to claim click on this PC and we are going to set up how our computer controls a sounds. We’re going to go click system, armour and boosted startup in convalescence click regulates. You may want to save some time right here. Maybe simply if you’ve only got one operating system simply prepared it to 3 seconds on on your roll of reboots. There are reboot eras I signify a method failure. We want to go ahead and write an event. The system log automatically restart and we’re gon na, go ahead and select a small memory dump. These are going to go these recall dumps these little records are going to go into system root, which is C sorry. I sounded a bunch of substance that are hang on C windows and it’s going to go into mini foolish right there all right. So I have a crash from a computer at work that you know we’re to go ahead and play around like this computer actually sounds, but it didn’t. But you get the idea. So we’re gon na go into Windows, good at mini dump. We’ve got our dump enter there. You can’t actually do anything with it. Right now at all well, go ahead and reproduce it. Let’s simulate it to our desktop and we’re going to go ahead and use a little free website. Mmm. If you just open up Google and merely ruminate, then just I’ve been analyzed if I could type around my microphone mini dump and you’ll get some teaches now, like open, visual studio Bank , nothing has Visual Studio installed, most people don’t, but This website right here, OSR online comm. They have an instant hurtle analysis tool. You can read all about it, but there are eight right here. There is a dump file, you can choose it. Click your desktop, espouse your DMP and click upload drop. Now this may fail. It may say you have no permission to do that. If it does, “youre supposed to” right sounds. The folder going to see owneds, go to security and give yourself permission to do that. If very, numerous parties are confused on that, I’ll do a video on how to give yourself permission to your data and trash, but I’m not going to go through that right now, regardless, what comes back is a lot of like gibberish, most people Don’t know what the hell this represents, but I’ll save you a little time. If you various kinds of browse down to the bottom near the bottom, you’re going to see an persona call subject, so the the reason why this computer crashed operate been due to this register. Now that really gives me a intimate a hint on what to go on. I mean that’s, it’s a really big hint, because if I can right, clink copy go back to Chrome and precisely paste that in I can see accompany with a little bit of research what that guy is so it’s going clink a Few connects and learn what it says: Intel graphics, accelerator operators, so the built in video card stimulated this computer to disintegrate. I could go online update the video poster, or maybe I need to add a third party card – something like that regardles, that’s pretty much it. Sometimes this image name field, I’d, say about 25 of age – is worthless, but you still get 75 hazard that that’s going tell you exactly why your computer crashed so anyway. Sorry, I haven’t put up a video in like a month of the summer time with my girls and family and stuff. I’m just gone constantly um. They’re out right now getting their hammers done. So I figured I’d. Stop being a lazy ass and do something fertile anyway, guys I’ll, see you.

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