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what’s up people welcome back to the channel I’m going to be uttering today chicken recipe it’s going to be like a buffalo type of chicken and we’re going to bread it with some organic flaxseed that I bought at Sam’s Club is actually really cheap I visualize I paid like 12 bucks for this and merely gave a lot in there so mostly we’re going to start out with um with some chicken thighs and I like chicken thighs better because they came more flavor to them and because I’m doing a keto diet it’s got a little bit more fatty to it and more flavor and they’re too cheaper so it’s pretty much a win-win situation so first thing we’re going to do is going to give our boneless chicken thighs and we’re going to trough them in some egg then we’re going to go them over to the flax and then we’re going to apply them in our baking wash with some parchment newspaper alright guys so here’s the chicken after it’s been breaded now I’m going to leant it into the oven at 422 Gries and we’re going to concoct it for about 15 hours or until it’s done you merely you can break a little piece off and take a look to see if it’s pink inside to know if it’s done since all ovens are you know jolly different but it should be anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to cook at 420 all right guys so here you have it the chicken is already done it’s cooked it took about 20 minutes for 20 to cook through and cases were pretty thin so what I do then is I make them out and you guys could also do this like the smaller bits if you demand but I are happy to do them with bigger pieces time you are familiar with one or two pieces what I’ll munch is a meal so what I’ll do is I’m taking some Frank’s Red Hot wing sauce arrange some in here and this is actually what I had here and it’s mild buffalo so I’m going to add a little bit of sriracha to that a little bit of heat to it and I’m going to add a little of adobo seasoning you could use seasoned salt if you demand really to change a little bit more spice to it let me just mixture it all together and coat it you have a nice piece of buffalo chicken and usually what I’ll do with this is I’ll either pair it with cauliflower mush which there’s another recipe for that if you guys want to see the recipe we’re going to introduced the link below and likewise with a salad you can mix it with a different you are familiar with different type of salad or steamed veggies or whatever you like and then I’ll either usage some ranch garmenting or blue cheese to go with it and it’s really really delicious is low carb is great for um keto dieting or low-spirited carb dieting the flaxseed is laded with some immense nutrients and healthy fattens and you getting rid of you know those carbs from from regular flour I hope you guys enjoy the video there’ll be many more coming and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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