LENGKAP! Tutorial Combo Kagura dari Basic sampai Freestyle | Tutorial Kagura Mobile Legends

Okay brother, in this video i want to share “Kagura Combo Tutorial from Basic to Freestyle” 1. Basic Combo( which is often used by Kagura customers) Step 1: throw umbrella at the adversary abusing 1st science Step 2: press ulti( purple ), then enemy will be hit by Kagura’s umbrella rope and within three seconds foe will be attracted by the umbrella Umbrella rope Step 3: time 1st knowledge( purple) at the foe so that the umbrella tether doesn’t come off Step 4: press the 2nd science( violet) to move to the enemy Step 5: Press ulti( blue-blooded) to knockback the enemy Step 6: frequently enemy will die when allured by umbrella. if not dead, touched continue to use 1st skill 2. Combo when enemy’s HP is half when the enemy’s HP is half, you don’t need to use purple ulti to kill the enemy, exactly use this combo … if your shatter is not strong hitherto, really spam adversary implementation umbrella until they’re dying. Then use 123 combo give this combo to kill antagonists speedily Execute combo when the enemy’s HP is half 4. Escape Combo( 2 rooms) 1st acces: operation 2nd blue-blooded science then 2nd purple skill Step 1: When foe attacks, permutation opponent employing 2nd ability( blue-blooded) Step 2: then target the first talent where we want to move Step 3: when opponent is approaching, press second knowledge( violet) to escape 2nd way( opposite of the first channel ): Use 2nd purple skill then 2nd blue-blooded knowledge before using this combo, make sure the antagonist doesn’t have escape skills.so that the opponent can’t escape from Kagura’s ultimate but if your damage is strong , no needs to have off-color ulti if you don’t want to be complicated, without recall it’s also okay if your impair isn’t strong enough, try this combo.

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