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What’s for dinner? Hey, everyone! I’m Chef Zee, and welcome back to my channel- Chef Zee Cooks! Today I’m going to be  showing you how to make Parmesan Brussels Sprouts. Now Brussels sprouts are seriously my all-time  favorite vegetable, which is pretty funny because as a kid I think I was like everyone else who  could not care for brussels sprouts it was like yuck get them away from me.

But now as an adult,  I am like give me all the brussels sprouts please and bonus if it’s a little burnt because yes I am  one of those people who actually really likes the brussels sprouts to be a little bit burnt a little  bit. Charred and dare I say just a tad overcooked because brussels sprouts are one of the few  things in life that actually takes on a different dimensional flavor when it’s a little bit burnt  and for some people like me we live for that likeIi am totally here for some burnt brussels  sprouts. Now today’s brussels sprouts recipe is very easy to make it comes together in no time  and I guarantee it’s going to be one of your favorite ways of making some brussels sprouts.  Now if you want to learn how to make this awesome dish just go ahead and keep watching.

Making brussels sprouts is super easy and you’ll be amazed to see just how wonderfully these  simple ingredients come together.

So first things first, we’re going to prepare our brussels sprouts  and this is really easy you just want to cut the ends of the brussels sprouts  cut them in half and then remove the first outer layer of the brussels sprouts. Now you want to  do this to all of your brussels sprouts and it honestly doesn’t matter in which order you do it  you just want to make sure that you remove the ends cut them in half and remove the outer layers.  Now I’ve already removed the outer layers of all the brussels sprouts so now i’m going to transfer  them over into a mixing bowl and we’re going to actually season the brussels sprouts.

And like I  mentioned before, these simple ingredients really come together so nicely we’re now going to season  them with some kosher salt and you can add as much or as little as you like. And just for reference,  I used about a teaspoon of kosher salt and now I’m going to add some fresh black pepper and just  like the salt you can add as much as desired and just like the salt as well I added about  a teaspoon of black pepper and now I’m going to add some onion powder– you can definitely use  garlic powder or both instead.

And now I’m going to add some olive oil, and I’m going  to mix everything until it’s well combined. Now making brussels sprouts is really easy,  and you honestly don’t have to do much for them to taste super tasty. We’re now going to go ahead and  we’re going to set our flame to medium high, and I’m going to add some more olive oil into a cast  iron skillet now i’m using a cast iron skillet because I really want my brussels sprouts to brown  so once that oil is nice and hot I’m going to add the brussels sprouts and they’re actually going  to start popping just a little bit and that’s how you know that the magic has started now as  i mentioned earlier I actually like my brussels sprouts a little bit on the burnt side so I mix  them every so often just so that they brown evenly on all sides and I want to make sure to get some  of those burnt pieces on the bottom because that’s going to contribute to more color and more flavor.  Now, if you’re using a cast iron skillet as I’m doing here, you may have to add some more oil  just to make sure that the pan is evenly coated and everything doesn’t stick just too much.  And afterwards, we’re now going to add some white balsamic vinegar and this is going to  deglaze the pan but it’s also going to add so much more flavor to the brussels sprouts.

  Now you want to continue cooking the brussels sprouts until they’re nice and soft on the inside  and you also want to cook the brussels sprouts until the vapors from the vinegar has cooked off.  Afterwards, we’re going to add some fresh lemon.

Now iIm only adding half a lemon,  but if you like your brussels sprouts super lemony go ahead and use the whole lemon.  And now, we’re going to add the star of the show which is some parmesan cheese and feel  free to add as much parmesan cheese as you like and it honestly melts right away. So there you  guys have it, that’s my favorite recipe on how to make some parmesan brussels sprouts!

  Comment below if you have any questions and until next week I’m Chef Zee y buen provecho! Thank you so much for watching today’s video.

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