Recipe for Roasted Brussel Sprouts – Your Green Veggie for St Patrick’s Day

and this is Debbie with the food prepping and channel and this morning I’m going to show you a recipe that’s really gonna be kind of cool if you fixed it for st. Patrick’s Day since it’s the greens I’m gonna make roasted Brussels sprouts sprouts okay Davey roasted Brussels sprouts all right and while I’m going to do is I get the whole ones Walmart has the chopped up ones the cut in half ones and I’ll but I don’t like those and these bags come in it says season and steamed but I don’t do that either I like them roasted so what I do is I just cut the ends of them off and I’m gonna put them in this bowl right here because I’m gonna cut them and I’m gonna melt a little margarine y’all can use butter I don’t like butter I’ll tell you that in every video but I don’t I can’t stand butter and has a terrible taste to it so if you like butter yeast butter that’s fine I just don’t like it so I’m gonna coat these with a little bit of canola oil that’s right here and some melted margarine and I’ll bring you back when I get to the next stage okay I’m back I’ve got all of the Brussels sprouts the ends cut off and they’re all in this bowl I have melted a half a stick of margarine and because margarine doesn’t have a high smoking point and I’m gonna roast these I’m gonna add some Pernod canola oil to this margarine I mean not very many much maybe 1/4 of a cup Nonnie probably 19 that much probably about 2 or 3 tablespoons and then I’m just gonna stir this up real good and I’m going to pour this over the Brussels sprouts get these out covered into all in the margarine and then I’m going to take kosher salt I’m gonna do kosher salt and I’m just gonna spread it over them I’m not really gonna measure but I’d say probably a half a tablespoon of kosher salt then probably a table no not even tablespoon 2 teaspoons of coarse ground black pepper all right and now I’m gonna take my ball and I’m just gonna shake it and you’re just gonna like flip it around so that I love these Brussels sprouts get out of the the margarine in the oil and the salt and the pepper on them and I’m tied up baking sheet right here that I’ve got covered with aluminum foil and I’m gonna shake these up make sure that these are really coated well and I’ll bring you back when I pour them under to the baking sheet okay I’m back and I should have told you this to the game with but I’ve got my oven preheated to 300 just because I know my oven is so hot if you want to put it up to 350 that’s okay but my oven is hot so I’m setting it at 300 now I’m going to pour all of these on here on this baking sheet get all the pepper and stuff see there’s still a ton of pepper left in this bowl but I’m gonna try to scrape it out and get them all over these Brussels sprouts and then I’m going to put these Michel cover it’s not gonna do anything I’m gonna put them in the oven and because it’s the first time I’ve used this particular oven with Brussels sprouts I’m not sure how long it’s going to take but when I one day get done I’ll bring you back and I’ll let you know how long it’s gonna take okay I’m back here’s the Brussels sprouts it took an hour and after 50 minutes I had to excuse me I had to bump my oven up to 350 because they weren’t getting brown like a–like them so it took an hour 50 minutes on 302 pending on the heat of your own oven and then ten minutes on 350 and I want to taste them now and see what they taste like I want to get a crunchy one I’ve just got them on a paper plate because I’m fixing I’m gonna fix a meatloaf to go with these says let me taste these to see what they taste like I love these and roasting them some of the leaves fall off and they’re real crispy and I love that see there’s one I love the little leaves when they fall off because they get so crispy so these are this will be awesome for Saint Patrick’s Day because they’re green so if you liked this video give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and if you’d like to be a part of my facebook group you can go to WWE for calm forward slash food prepping one word fo OD PR e PP ing and like my page you can post whatever you want to on there as long as it’s not offensive you comment there you can comment on YouTube whatever just make sure you watch this and give it a try because I think you’re gonna like them if you’re used to border Brussels sprouts you’re going love roasted Brussels sprouts so give this a try and I’ll talk to you later bye you

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