Should You Ask For A 1 MILLION DOLLAR Injury Settlement?

Ali Awad:
How much should   I ask for in a personal injury settlement?  Well, if you hire Ali Awad, we're 
going to ask for a lot of money,   but that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to 
get it. Every time. I have a case where we've been   working on it for a little over two years now. The 
client was involved and he was hit with a tractor   trailer and there was $2 million in coverage on 
that policy, but client's injuries weren't that   serious. He went and saw the orthopedic doctor. 
He didn't need any sort of surgeries, didn't   have any traumatic brain injury, didn't have any 
future recommended procedures.

For all intents and   purposes, it was considered a minor impact.
Now, even though there were minor injuries,   we still sent a demand to the insurance company 
for the full $2 million. And when we relayed that   to the client, he automatically assumed he 
was going to make $2 million, and he already   started spending the money. He legit went 
and booked a vacation package with his wife,   started going into debt, took out $40,000 
in loans and started just really blowing   the money that he hadn't even earned yet.
The problem was that the case was really only   worth maybe in the low six-figure category. 
Luckily, we were able to settle that case at   mediation for $250,000. But why would we ask 
for $2 million when we know the value of the   case is significantly less? Well, this is a 
basic negotiation tactic. In any negotiation,   information is your friend. The more information 
you have about the other party, how much money   they have on the table, how much they're willing 
to pay, how much your case is worth, all of this   information is beneficial in a negotiation.
So if we don't know exactly how much the other   party is willing to pay, you should start at 
a very high number and you should expect that   they're going to come back and give you a counter 

We started at two million and their first   offer was $20,000. So obviously there was a lot 
of room to make up for that. So in most cases,   we start at the policy limits, whatever the entire 
insurance policy amount is and then we negotiate   from there. A lot of times if you have a strong 
enough case, you can settle for the entire policy   limits, whether that's 25,000, 50,000, 100,000 
or a million dollars, the insurance company   will pay you if you've built up the case properly.
So as a general rule, you should always ask for   the most amount of money possible in the event 
that there's a piece of information you don't know   and you might end up with a much higher settlement 
and a lot of money. If you want to know how we   maximize the value of our cases, take a look at 
some of my videos about MRIs, punitive damages,   and UM and resident/relative coverage. Those 
videos go into more detail about how you can   get more money on your case even when 
you thought there was nothing left.  I'm attorney Ali Awad, the CEO Lawyer.

hope this video has answered the question   about how much you should ask for in a personal 
injury settlement. It would mean the world to me   if you subscribe to my channel and watch my videos 
because I'm always looking to add value for you.   I'm attorney Ali, the CEO Lawyer. Thank you 
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