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what are the new spins you can do on this new update? in this mobile legends navigate we are going to talk about the different spins you can do and how we exerted Hayabusa as Jungler also included here the right and wrong decisions that I did. ok, let’s go! let’s start with laning, one of the changes on the buff is the spawn time, instead of 30 secs, they will now spawn at 25 secs apart from that the minions on mid footpath is much slower so if you start on forest you will reach level 4 faster when it comes to the enemy jungler they will still start on mid alley aside from that if you notice, Hylos helped me on the first buff because his cover-up won’t work until I receive a Gold that’s why it’s better for your tank to help you in order to make their mask work early and the reason we started on Red buff is because the Exp lane is on top next thing you need to remember on this update, instead of 3 mins the Turtle will now spawn 2 mins we can now take up to 4 turtles but the only difference is the Turtle has more defense and because the Turtle will spawn on top lane that’s why it’s better to start on red devotee but if the 1st Turtle spawns at bottom lane, we can start on Blue buff you will notice now, before 1:30 secs we’re already at level 4 that’s why we need to take advantage of that, we should fight the foes while they’re not yet rank 4 you will see here, because Gusion hasn’t taken his red buff more and my allies was able to delay him that’s why he’s still not yet elevation 4 that’s why we should try to kill him and because we’re able to kill Gusion within 2 mins stigmatize that means we can take the Turtle fast you need to remember just like what I said earlier, the defence of the Turtle increased that’s why it’s not easy to take it’s better to take a teamfight on Enemy Red or Blue buff before taking the Turtle and because another changes on the Buffs instead of 120 seconds that buffs only lasts 75 seconds and those buffs won’t respawn immediately, it will respawn at 90 seconds that means you won’t have tan for 15 seconds this was done to help you when you buff was stolen this is not the only pirouette you can do on this update it’s also possible to go for 1-2-2 or occupy the adversary forest will vary depending on your line up if you notice I pick a musician who can use Marksman as surface lane, because Buffs only lasts 75 seconds that’s why I think it’s better if 2 heroes take it and because the Jungle Buffs have lower defense as game goes on and the Gold and Exp given by buff are lower that’s why it’s better if you have a marksman who you will focus on raising even if they don’t have jungle item they’ll be able to give the buff readily if they can already join the teamfights when it comes to using Hayabusa, this is the Emblem that I used on this game, Assassin Emblem with shift velocity, physical Pen and Killing spree let’s go bot, is looking forward to him to Dash before using your Ultimate Hylos and if you want to learn how to use Hayabusa, you can watch my other Hayabusa Guide there’s not much modifies on his knowledge, what you only need to change is your rotation and because we can rotate faster than them that’s why you will notice that their back corridors have more farm that Gusion and if the one on Gold lane doesn’t die, he will always be the highest gold we already have advantage on this activity that’s means we can take Turtles concecutively one of the ways for the opponent not to have a comeback is you must always make the Turtles and because you can already take the Turtle 4x, if you have an advantage on the early competition it will be harder for the opponent to come back when it comes to item build, this is the item build that we’ll do on this sport I precisely modify the boots because the enemy won’t be able to catch us easily and the last 2 entries you can change it depending on the situation

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